Concepts for the Advancing Trumpeter

“Finally, some sensibility for us all.” – Bobby Shew

“A great resource for a common sense approach.” – Henry C.

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Want to be a more efficient and consistent trumpet player?

Concepts for the Advancing Trumpeter‘s aim is to teach and inspire you to make the simple changes to your practice routine that lead to big results over time.

By purchasing “Concepts for the Advancing Trumpeter” you will learn::

  • A logical approach to understanding the instrument, and how to use this info in the practice room.
  • A break-down of of ear training so you can play like a “natural.”
  • The mindset adjustments that lead to playing the trumpet more efficiently, consistently, and musically.
  • Common misconceptions about developing strength.
  • How you actually build a powerful and controlled upper register.
  • The practice habits that matter.
  • Seven proven practice strategies for learning new music.
  • A blue-print for designing your practice routine.

“Concepts for the Advancing Trumpeter” is not another trumpet exercise book.

It was written to help you take stock of what you’re doing and guide you in a better direction for achieving your trumpet-playing goals.

Here’s what folks are saying.


“ It’s not very often that I am willing to recommend a trumpet method book because so many of them that I have perused over the decades are either bordering on confusing, or are somewhat arrogant, and are almost always just a re-hash of the old warhorse texts from Arban, Clarke, Irons, Maggio, etc. In addition, I have always felt that there needs to be more encouragement for each and every player to “find himself” through the learning process.

James Blackwell’s book impressed me because of his way of explaining the mechanics of playing in a way that can be easily grasped by ANY age group. And his approach to how to practice is full of excellent suggestions to avoid wasting valuable time in growth as a player. BUT, I really loved that he concentrated so prominently on ear training. I have observed a long time ago that THIS is the weakest aspect of musical education and is the dominant culprit in causing such a high degree of failures and dropouts. I have a lot of faith in the potential effectiveness of this new book. Finally, some sensibility for us all. “

Bobby Shew
(Lifetime Music Student)


James Blackwell helped me finally understand the oft-repeated phrase ‘Trumpet is 90% mental’.  His insightful eBook is full of invaluable perspective from a successful working pro.  In it, he shares how a player’s psychological approach not only to the horn, but music in general dictates end results. The ‘big picture’ he preaches focuses on developing a sensible approach that works well for you while practicing whatever you want to play in a focused, disciplined manner.  This can only happen by paying careful attention to what your body and results on the horn communicate, then thoughtfully adjusting course for even better results.

In a world full of self-appointed ‘my way or the highway’ experts, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear  a true insider’s view of what it takes to develop into an advancing player – complete with candid discussion of the occasional setbacks we all experience.  It’s even more exciting to learn that stretching your potential takes little more than common-sense effort once you understand the playing mechanism takes all instruction from the mind.


(30 years getting paid to play all kinds of music while juggling family and a full- time marketing career)


“…man I love your book and am going to start suggesting to my college kids especially that they buy it. Really great information and explained so well…well done, my man!”

– Micah Bell

(Professor of Music and Trumpet, Tyler Junior College)


“… there are a lot of gems in this book. I have some education about education and how the mind actually learns, and your book and blog seem to hit on a lot of these premises (learning is automatic and unconscious, approach from different angles, don’t work past fatigue, forgive past mistakes, etc..), so I thought I could get some good out of it. And it seems to have helped my mental approach to playing.”


(Professor of Music & Technology, 20 years of playing lead trumpet in big bands, pit orchestras, churches, quintets, and large ensembles for fun and for money)


I am so glad I purchased your book. I believe the concepts are great and attainable in the long haul. I want to try to incorporate them into my playing and so I refer to it often.

 … plays in one of the bands I play in and he told me about your book. I especially like chapters 2 and 3 and would like to become an efficient player. I know it’s going to take time. My mind is set and I am going for it with patience. Thanks James and I wish you the best on any revisions and do look forward to them.

Anthony M.

(Non-professional jazz trumpet player in two rehearsal big bands playing for the love of it)


“A great job!
So much good stuff to ponder
Very clear, concise and, most importantly, logical and helpful.
I’ll be trying many of your suggestions and, undoubtedly, re-reading the book again and again
In any event, a wonderful job
Thanks so much”


(Retiree, band-leader)



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