Michael Davis Interviews Vanguard Jazz Orchestra’s Lead Trumpeter, Nick Marchione

Here’s a fabulous interview by Michael Davis feat. the great NYC lead trumpet player Nick Marchione. Nick’s work with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra has been largely influential to me, and this interview covers a lot of great information including his work with and how he became the lead trumpet player for the Vanguard band, how to develop a great musical concept, his top five influences as a lead trumpet player (the list might surprise you), what he looks for in a section player, a hilarious anecdote about his experiences as a young working player, and his views on the differences between New York and Los Angeles (I completely agree with his observations on time).

Check it out, it’s very hip….bone……..music.

You Are Musically Talented – Stop Trying So Hard (Free “Play Trumpet Effortlessly” Video Course Attached)


Why does playing music come so easily to some, while others struggle to make positive changes to their playing?

Is it really that some just “have it,” while others (most) don’t?

The point of this article is to suggest that we are all capable of playing music on a masterful, inspired level, and that those people who seem to make effortless progress throughout their musical lives simply know how to stay out of their own way. Continue reading

Making and Breaking Trumpet Habits (My most POPULAR Video OF ALL TIME)

habits vid

I recently finished reading Jeremy Dean’s, “Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick,” and there is so much good info in this book that can be easily applied to trumpet playing that I had to share. Here’s a comedic review of some of the more practically applicable concepts from the book. Enjoy! Continue reading

How to Reduce Excess Mouthpiece Pressure (Video)


Here’s a quick video (roughly 7 min) with a few thoughts on how we can alleviate excessive mouthpiece pressure while playing the trumpet. We all occasionally find ourselves using a detrimental (but at the time perhaps necessary) amount of mouthpiece pressure. This can be caused by improper development, habitual subconscious techniques, tired chops, or just playing too damn high and loud. This video is meant to help you alleviate some of that additional mouthpiece pressure by way of adjusting your practice habits so that you can learn to play in a more comfortable manner, more often. Dig it! Continue reading

Jen’s Lindemann Interviews Chris Martin!

9/17/08 -- Portraits of Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Chris Martin for Yamaha Co. Photographed at Symphony Center in Chicago, IL. © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2008

Here is an excellent interview with the great Chris Martin, by the great Jens Lindemann. I know this site is mostly jazz/lead trumpet related, but this is too good not to share. For those of you who may not know, Chris was (is?) the principal trumpet player for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and recently accepted the position of principal trumpet for the New York Philharmonic. He’s an awesome player with lot’s of great sh*t to say. Enjoy!


Gettin’ My Jazz On with Rogers and Hart’s “Falling in Love with Love”

btb singing

For those of you who know me, you probably know me as a lead trumpet player.

However, learning to improvise in a jazz style is something that’s becoming increasingly more important to me as a musician. Here’s a video me practicing along with Carmen Mcrea’s rendition of Rogers and Hart’s, “Falling in Love with Love.”  Nothing too fancy, just a fair take on where I’m currently at with my jazz playing. Continue reading

Arnie Chycoski Lead Trumpet “The Waltz I Blew for You” (Video and Playing Analysis)


Last night after everyone had gone to bed, I was laying on the couch listening to jazz. After checking out the normal stuff I dig these days, I got a little bored and asked myself, “what do I really want to listen to?”

Two tunes instantly popped into my head, and the second of which I was able to find online using my phone, so I went with that.

It was Rob McConnell’s recording of “The Waltz I Blew for You,” from the 1980 album “Present Perfect.” Now, if you don’t know about this record, check it out. It’s awesome. This particular chart is fantastic with great solos by Eugene Amaro on flute, Sam Noto on trumpet, and of course, our man Arnie Chykoski is playing his *ss off on lead trumpet. I had this side on LP in college, and listened to it until it melted. Continue reading

Trumpet Foundations: Video Lessons for Beginning Trumpet Players is Live!!!

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that “Trumpet Foundations,” a free video course for beginning trumpet players is up and running!

The idea behind “Trumpet Foundations” is to set beginning students on a positive path to grow as trumpet players. I know many of you have been playing for awhile, but if you’d like a refresher on the basics, or if you have any students/educator friends that you think would like to check it out, please pass it along. I hope the lessons will be very useful to lot’s and lot’s of beginning trumpet players for a long time to come.

The course requires a membership (it’s free), so after clicking the link, you will need to create a username and password to login.

Check it out here – TRUMPET FOUNDATIONS or just click the link on the menu above.

Hope all is well!

PS – Thanks for bearing with the technical difficulties the last few days. The plugin I’m using is new for me and there are some bugs to work out on my end.

Making Progress: The Easy Way

Check out BTB’s new, free lesson series – Making Progress: The Easy Way

In this five-part series you’ll learn:

  1. A method of practice that virtually guarantees your “time on the face” makes playing easier.
  2. How to make sure your practice time is best leveraged toward achieving your goals.
  3. How to find the time to improve – even when you’re busy.
  4. A simple and powerful strategy for listening that ensures you sound like the “real deal.”
  5. A discussion on better understanding the learning process, and how long it will take for you to notice results.

If you are interested in making your practice a little more interesting, and productive Continue reading