Comeback Starter Kit (Comeback Player)

If you are a comeback trumpet player, or are otherwise confused and overwhelmed about how to progress with your playing, BTB offers a full-blown, no BS practice plan in The Ultimate Comeback Kit.

So if you’re looking to get back on track, develop good, solid playing habits, and learn how to best manage your comeback, it’s definitely worth checking out.

However, it does cost money, and if you’re not yet ready to drop some dough on learning how to practice like a total beast, I get that. Sometimes what we’re looking for is something a little more…free.

And if that speaks to you, you’ll probably love “The Comeback Starter Kit!”

Here’s what you get:

  • Three e-mails with tips and tactics for making the most of your trumpet comeback.
  • A sneak-peak at BTB’s premium, “Ultimate Comeback Kit.”
  • Unsubscribing is as easy as clicking a button if three e-mails proves to be too annoying.
  • Did I mention it’s free?

Check it out instantly by signing up here: