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*UPDATED 2017* Making Progress: The Easy Waymaking progress the easy way

A free, five-day e-mail series for trumpet players which outlines simple, yet often under-utilized concepts for getting more out of your practice time. Lessons include easily implemented, practical suggestions for exploring each concept.

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*2018* Intro to Lip Slurs, FAQ’s & Practice Ideas (Beginner / Intermediate)

Five Video Lessons for Trumpet Players Covering the Following Info About Lip Slurs:

  • What Are Lip Slurs?
  • How Do The Lips Change The Notes?
  • Where Should I Start With Lip Slurs?
  • How Do I Practice Lip Slurs?
  • Anything I Should Be Concerned About / Can Lip Slurs Mess Me Up?
  • What If I’m Having Difficulty Changing Notes / Skipping Notes?
  • *Downloadable PDF with Progressive, Beginning Exercises Included*
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*NEW* “FreeTB” Course: Developing Greater Aperture Control

This nine-part video series dives head-first into the theory and practice of aperture control. Huge game-changer for me, and I think you’ll find a lot in the series as well.

Video topics include:aperture-control-course-pic

1) The point of learning aperture control, why I used to NOT worry about it and now feel it’s extraordinarily beneficial.

2) A brief talk on the general differences, pros and cons, of an “open” vs a more “closed” aperture.

3) The easiest way I know to start improving control of your aperture NOW, with what you’re ALREADY doing.

4) Understanding how to model other players so your subconscious can fuel your imagination for years to come.

5) HOW to practice and maximize the aperture control exercises to learn more naturally, easily, and enjoyably.

6) Some finer points on a classic drill for finding just the right balance between flow and tension.

7) Mouthpiece buzzing for people who hate mouthpiece buzzing, and how to find “alignment.”

8) Some finer points on aperture control

9) An Introduction to Isometrics for the Embouchure. Why they are amazing and how to do them.

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( *NEW* FreeTB Course! ) Play Trumpet Effortlessly

“Stop trying so damn hard and start realizing your true potential!”promo-pic

“Play Trumpet Effortlessly” is a free video series that demonstrates a “zen-ish” method of practice based on the exercises from Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery.”

There are seven video lessons with a total run time of about 26 minutes (the longest video is 5 minutes), and the collective series aims to help you find a more relaxed, positive style of learning to play.

Lessons: 1) Pick up the Trumpet, 2) The Most Beautiful Sound, 3) Free Roaming, 4) An Effortless Lick, 5) Effortless Lick Breakdown for Musical Domination, 6) Play Fast, 7) Now Move Forward (Closing Thoughts).

If you struggle with anxiety about playing, are not making the progress you think you should be, and/or just want to have a little more fun, this series is for you.

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trumpet foundations pic2(FreeTB Course!) Trumpet Foundations

Seven video lessons on the essential mechanics of trumpet playing. Aimed at beginners, educators, and players interested in sprucing up their chops from the bottom up.

Lessons Included: Breathing, Holding the Trumpet, the Embouchure and Producing a Tone, Articulation, How the Valves Work, Lip Slurs and the Harmonic Series, and Playing by Ear.

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