*NEW* “FreeTB” Aperture Control Course Available!

Hey everybody – Just launched a new “FreeTB” course on learning to better control the aperture. This is a topic that’s gathered a lot of interest and has really helped to level-up my playing game. I think you’ll find a lot in the series if that’s what you’re into.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the videos.


The nine-part series dives head-first into the following aspects of aperture control:

1) The point of learning aperture control. Why I used to not worry about it, and now why I practice it daily and find it extraordinarily beneficial.

2) The general differences, pros and cons, of an “open” vs a more “closed” aperture.

3) The easiest way I know to start improving control of your aperture NOW, with what you’re ALREADY doing.

4) Understanding how to model other players so your subconscious can fuel your imagination for years to come.

5) HOW to practice and maximize the aperture control exercises to learn more naturally, easily, and enjoyably.

6) Some finer points on a classic drill for finding just the right balance between flow and tension.

7) Mouthpiece buzzing for people who hate mouthpiece buzzing, and how to find “alignment.”

8) Even more important points on aperture control

9) An Introduction to Isometrics for the Embouchure. Why they are amazing and how to do them.

I’m sure most of you know the song-and-dance about needing to REGISTER to gain access to the videos (you can re-use login information by clicking “I have an existing account”). This is just a way for me to keep track of what topics you guys find interesting so I can make more cool stuff. If you’re already registered (and logged-in to the site) Re-access the lessons HERE.