Trumpet Foundations: Video Lessons for Beginning Trumpeters

trumpet foundations pic2Welcome to “Trumpet Foundations:” video lessons for total beginners, educators, and those who want a refresher on the basics of trumpet playing.

Here you’ll find seven free video lessons on how to start playing the trumpet. You’ll learn how to practice your breathing, properly hold the trumpet, play your first notes, develop your range, articulation, and play songs by ear.

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“…these videos are amazing!  They should be in every beginner brass classroom.  I really appreciate your very logical step-wise approach…This sure is a better way than what we teach in public school where students buzz on a mouthpiece for months!  Your approach is perfect and blowing through the mouthpiece and then adding the horn’s resistance is actually how brass playing works.  This will help thousands of students, (and) make teachers re-evaluate how to teach brass.”

– Jimmy K. High School Band Director for 33 years

“I am a total beginner – and your method of blowing through the mouth piece and getting a buzz 100% worked – and made me feel a different style of getting a tone. D*mned if I didn’t start playing a low C and G effortlessly doing that.  Before, I felt like I strained to transition to “G”.  That whole method really opened up my eyes to how easy it should be to play those two notes.   (I also) got a laugh out of my son when he was looking at me playing trumpet with a piece of paper on the pinky ring.  However, it’s VERY effective in giving me feedback.  My darn pinky LOVES to curl around that rest…”

– Kevin H. 4-5 hours previous playing experience.