Free Video Course: Play Trumpet Effortlessly

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“Play Trumpet Effortlessly” is a free video series that demonstrates a “zen-ish” method of practice based on the exercises from Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery.”

There are seven video lessons with a total run time of about 26 minutes (the longest video is 5 minutes), and the collective series aims to help you find a more relaxed, positive style of learning to play.

Lessons: 1) Pick up the Trumpet, 2) The Most Beautiful Sound, 3) Free Roaming, 4) An Effortless Lick, 5) Effortless Lick Breakdown for Musical Domination, 6) Play Fast, 7) Now Move Forward (Closing Thoughts).

If you struggle with anxiety about playing, are not making the progress you think you should be, and/or just want to have a little more fun, this series is for you.

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