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I like the holistic approach to managing a comeback. As someone who is in the midst of their 3rd comeback in fewer than 10 years, your consistent reinforcement of the framework (not method) is really valuable and an important key to the comebacker’s approach, IMO.

Your systematic approach has gotten me results with range and endurance within a shorter time than the whole year I spent on my own. I think the videos serve to really help comeback players get on track without wasting time or energy.

I like your approach to learning the trumpet, seems more holistic and natural and involving all resources. It really feels like the right approach for me to continue making progress. I also like that you offer great tips that I can implement right away and it’s not overwhelming.

Here’s What’s Inside The Ultimate Comeback Kit!

The Ultimate Comeback Kit is a step-by-step guide for comeback trumpet players to creating an easy to use, systematic practice plan for re-learning the basics and improving old playing-habits without wasting time.

The course includes two hours of video lessons with clear, concise text components that are easy to follow and contain the exact steps needed to put the concepts into practice immediately.

Move through the lessons as outlined, at your own pace, and you will love the sweet progress you make with your playing.

Lesson #1

In Lesson #1 you will learn how to practice in a way that promotes the development of good playing habits and more automatic playing.

Lesson #1 teaches you the Primary Practice Space and Brainwashing Technique that are applied to every single lesson and exercise throughout the course.

I really enjoyed the brainwashing / and [Primary Practice Space] section. A large bit of being a ‘comeback’ trumpet player is addressing and overcoming the issues that made us give up playing the trumpet in the first place. It served as a healthy reminder that I want to play the trumpet again because it’s fun

Perhaps my favorite part was your focus on the positive approach to playing. I’ve even found myself saying “some of my best trumpet playing yet.” It really helps in letting mistakes go so we can move forward in an uninhibited productive way.

The Primary (Practice) Space and Brainwashing are BRILLIANT!!!  Definitely something that I needed.

Lesson #2

Without the habit of daily practice, even the best routine will get you nowhere. Still, many fail to establish this habit – why?

Lesson #2 carefully guides you through the psychological jungle of carving out the single most important habit for making a successful comeback.

Here’s where you’ll learn the proven psychological tactics for defining a bare minimum that meets your playing goals and keeps you practicing. You will finish this lesson with the first part of you Practice Plan set in stone.

Your Daily concept has been a revelation as I have attempted to maintain some semblance of a routine in the wake of kid #2.  I don’t always get as much practice time in as I would like but I don’t view a busy day as a lost cause as I can get my Daily in and feel like I am progressing.

It’s been a busy week, but I have been doing my “dailies” faithfully. I’m beginning to see the sneaky rationale behind this. I have found that since the horn is in my hand anyway, I may as well blow a little more! It’s also very satisfying to see how many days (everyday!) I have actually played the past week. I get the feeling that this is only the beginning, [and] it’s a good way to start. I’m chomping at the bit for more!

I also like the concept of the Daily. Mostly the idea of keeping it simple and not stressing about what to do, just doing SOMETHING. I don’t have 2 hours to go through my lesson plan in Systematic Approach, Clarke, Irons, etc., so I am banking on my Daily to get me through this dark time.

Lesson #3

Once you’re on track with a daily practice, Lesson #3 moves you through the Five-Point Playing Mechanics Checklist. The Five-Point Mechanics Checklist examines your embouchure, tongue, mouthpiece pressure, breathing and posture habits to make sure you’re set up in a way that guarantees your practicing works.

Lesson #3 is also where you’ll learn the top two mechanical mistakes that hold back range and endurance as well solutions for fixing those issues immediately


… I love it [the Mechanics Checklist]. It was exactly what I was hoping for in terms of thinking about these little things that I was taught years ago but have forgotten. And the mechanics fit perfectly into whatever I happen to be practicing.

I’ve been using the mechanics and the more general points about improving the consistency at the heart of how I’ve been practicing and seeing great results. Key bit for me is the constant reminder of getting the simple things right.

I watched the Mechanics videos last night and they were great. I needed to hear all of it. I had only got bits and pieces of that info from past lessons. Very nice to do it all together in the context of the primary practice space/brainwash.

Lesson #4

Lesson #4 is where you will define a simple, progressive Practice Rotation that covers the fundamentals of trumpet playing in a comprehensive, yet easy and manageable way.

Lesson #4 is where you will also find suggested exercises for mastering the basics of trumpet playing that you can add to your Practice Rotation.

Once you finish Lesson #4 you will have a well-structured, thoroughly defined and doable Practice Plan that you will do, and will improve your playing mechanics, sound, range and endurance.

Lesson #5 and #6

Lessons #5 and #6 are aimed at equipping you with the tactical-know-how for making adjustments to your Practice Plan as you progress.

Here is where you’ll find the golden nuggets of building your playing range and endurance, as well as how to squeeze greater gains out of your Practice Plan down the road.

By the time you finish working through the six, step-by-step lessons of the Ultimate Comeback Kit, you will have a clearly defined and easily managed practice plan that will get you back in shape, improve your playing habits, and be flexible enough to serve you for years to come.


*The lessons in the Ultimate Comeback Kit can be viewed from any device that allows streaming (computer, tablet and smart phone).

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“I have been progressing better than I had hoped. Your approach to the physical and mental aspects of trumpet playing is the best. Here is an update since … getting the materials for the Ultimate Comeback Kit … I was promoted to improvising trumpet chair in my community jazz band. For performances, I’ve also doubled on lead on a few charts. I have been invited to play in another jazz band and I am a sub for an R&B band.”

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