Trumpet Foundations: Video Lessons for Beginning Trumpet Players is Live!!!

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that “Trumpet Foundations,” a free video course for beginning trumpet players is up and running!

The idea behind “Trumpet Foundations” is to set beginning students on a positive path to grow as trumpet players. I know many of you have been playing for awhile, but if you’d like a refresher on the basics, or if you have any students/educator friends that you think would like to check it out, please pass it along. I hope the lessons will be very useful to lot’s and lot’s of beginning trumpet players for a long time to come.

The course requires a membership (it’s free), so after clicking the link, you will need to create a username and password to login.

Check it out here – TRUMPET FOUNDATIONS or just click the link on the menu above.

Hope all is well!

PS – Thanks for bearing with the technical difficulties the last few days. The plugin I’m using is new for me and there are some bugs to work out on my end.